Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Introducing Cosmo Seasons Variegated Embroidery Floss, Clover Bobbin Tower, French Bohin Bulk Needles size 24 and New Classic Scissors

I added a new type of Variegated Embroidery threads, it is called Cosmo Seasons. They are 8 meters, colorfast and they are made in Japan:

This is a new gadget Clover Stack 'N Store Bobbin Tower.Each of the 6 sections hold 5 bobbins.

I carry a variety of needles, John James, Piecemaker and Bohin French needles. I also carry Bulk needles. I just added the Bohin French needles in bulk in size 24. Bohin needles are the best needles I have ever used.

I have added more colors selection on the Classic Collection Scissors, the pictures show the overall selection:


  1. the threads are so beautiful!
    and the scissors?? wow!!

  2. I prefer Bohin needles too ! And I love all those your scissors !!


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