Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2011 JCS Ornament Issue, New Blackbird designs, Carriage House "Farms of Hawk Run Hollow, Sullivans Metallic Pearl, Metallic Floss and new Linen

The new 2011 JCS ornament issue will be mailed around the 1-2 weeks of September.

- Blackbird "A schoolgirl's Sampler" (Regular price is $27.00, Sale $24.95)
- Blackbird "Be Merry" Quilting (regular price is $24.95, sale $21.95)


Carriage House Sampler "The Farms of Hawk Run Hollow":
(Regular price $36, special price $29.95)


New Sullivans Metallic Floss, and Metallic Pearl:


Linen fabric added are as follows:

- 32 ct Belfast linen Overdyed Pixie Dust
- 32 ct Belfast linen Overdyed Pecan Pie
- Bellazia (Graziano Italian Linen)38 ct Cream
- 40 ct Newcastle Overdyed linen Pixie Dust
- 40 ct Newcastle Overdyed Linen Pecan pie
- 55 ct Kingston Linen White





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